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Prerequisites The characters category has no precise specifications with regard to minimum height or measurements. In this category the important thing is to be individual. Characters have a high recognition value. They differentiate themselves – even if only in small details from others. Strong facial features are relevant in this case, as a mandatory minimum.

The character and how it is portrayed play a major role in this class of models. Whether it’s tattoos, big ears or a tooth gap, they have a special something that makes viewers look again and again. They are the exceptions that prove the rules. They are unusual and that’s what makes them special There are, however, distinctions within this category. First, there are the models,who do not meet the minimum height requirements of 1.73 m for women and 1.83 m for men, however, they are so unique that they can work in the modelling field and then there are the characters that stand out for their uniqueness.

Just as with “normal” models, the same rule applies here in that the prerequisites for characters vary greatly and are dependent on designer, region and trend. Of course, self-confidence and a neat appearance are just as relevant as one’s ability to be able to communicate in at least two languages, one of which should be English.

Characters are often used for advertising because they have a higher recall value. They are “the nice young man next door” or “the friendly lady from the bank”. They give the crowd a face and people identify more easily with them. Confidence when interacting with people is just as relevant as a confident and self-assured presence in front of the camera.


Selection Criteria & Casting Concept

Our Portfolio We have a portfolio of People and Characters that customers can access at any time. These are selected according to accurate measurements and individuality. The portfolio is broad, so that all customer requirements can be met. In addition to typical standards of beauty, we place great emphasis on strong character types with expressive faces, memorable features or other special characteristics. We are always looking for new people that fascinate.

Guaranteed Quality After registering with UCM Management, our characters get their own profile. Here they describe themselves in as much detail as possible, which later allows our customers to search for specific criteria. The data is checked by our bookers with the candidates in the agency before being released. In addition to visual appearance, talents and skills are also specified in the profiles. These must be supported by video proof.

Our process The detailed presentation of the models saves our customers time and therefore money, as casting times can be reduced to a minimum. The customer can filter out suitable models by a process of elimination before the casting. Real-time requests provide the customer with binding results in just a few hours and short-term requests are thus possible. Each request is confirmed as binding. Moreover, accurate checking of the models means we guarantee the accuracy of the information.

Our Service UCM management places great emphasis on simplifying communication between the models, the Agency and the customer. Job Requests are passed on to the models without filtering and they simply click on them to confirm. Even though this means a great saving on the number of emails and phone calls, we are available and accessible around the clock for the models as a contact.